Genre: Thriller

Release Date: 26th July, 2019


Dhaval, a young man along with his elder brother Rishi and Rishi’s friend Shyam comes to visit his old house over a weekend. The motto is to sell out old goods along with the house itself as soon as possible. They have figured out that they do not have electricity in the house. Shyam goes back to the main city and brings some rechargeable batteries so that they can spend the night and next day wrap up the things. Meanwhile back in the house, Dhaval finds the strange sound in the house and asks Rishi to go and check, Rishi goes to the upper floor of the house and disappears. What follows are the series of mishaps throughout the night. Dhaval is not able to figure out whether there is a ghost or a Robber in the house who is doing everything or maybe there is a whole new perspective of the whole story only


Directed by: Naitik Raval

Produced by: Naitik Raval

Cast: Gaurav Paswala

Written by: Naitik Raval

Music: Saikat Kumar Singha

Lyrics: Jay Bhatt

Director of Photography: Jignesh Pandya

Editor: Naitik Raval

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