Genre: Comedy | Horror

Length of film: 2 hours 11 minutes

Release Date: 14th February, 2020


This is the story of a village named Vishrampur. The village leader Trikamdas is lying on his death bed and wants to fulfill his last wish which is seeing his granddaughter being married. However, the girl has no intention of getting married anytime soon.


Directed by: Viral Rao

Produced by: Ashish Gala, Chandulal Patel, Hitesh Shah & Mukesh Thakkar

Cast: Khushi Shah, Mitra Gadhvi & Smit Pandya

Written by: Viral Rao

Music: Hemang Dholakia

Director of Photography: Shreedhar Bhatt

Editor: Parth Bhatt

Background Music: Rooshin Dalal

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