Genre: Thriller

Release Date: 14 July, 2017


This Gujarati Movie stars Malhar Thakar as Siddharth, a 23 year young e-shopping delivery boy. During a delivery he gets trapped in a vicious circle of inescapable mystery, which unfolds into a riveting story of thriller, corruption, murder and suspense.


Directed by: Neeraj Joshi

Produced by: Rashesh Parikh, Jaimin Patel, Ashish Shah, Saumil Shah, Ramku Patgir

Cast: Malhar Thakar, Vyoma Nandi, Abhishek Shah

Written by: Neeraj Joshi

Director of Photography: Gargey Trivedi

Editor: Pramod Kunder, Dharmesh Patel

Sound Designer: Bijit Changmai

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