Genre: Drama

Release Date: 18th January, 2019


A tale of twisted relations about two generations and their difference of opinions, beliefs and values. KK, a self made man living simple life with pure heart always helps others with his selfless acts. Adarsh, a new generation with bigger ambitions is practical and believes to live in present. KK’s fate takes him to meet group of like minded people who feels and thinks like him and that is where the fun begins. A though provoking roller coaster emotional family drama which bridges the gap when two generations meets at crossroads.


Directed by: Nirav Barot

Produced by: Jignesh Patel

Cast: Raunaq Kamdar & Kiran Kumar

Written by: Nirav Barot & Nidhi Purohit Joshi

Music: Mihir Bhatt

Director of Photography: Ankit Trivedi

Editor: Rahul Rajput

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