Release Date: 21st September, 2018


The movie is about a Musician “Dhaivat”, his wife “Shruti”, and daughter “Clara”, and how Dhaivat wants to create a symphony for his daughter, as she asks him to do so. Soon a symphony competition is organized by Param Agarwal in the city of Ahmedabad, and Dhaivat aspires to present his work there. Param tries to stop him from doing so, by creating hurdles for him, by taking his daughter whom Dhaivat loves the most away from him, turns his wife Shruti against him. Dhaivat is put through tormenting situations, and how he gets beaten up and has to give up his family and leave for his village, thereafter interacting with his father he decides to bounce back and how he comes out a winner towards the end.


Directed by: Mihir Bhuta

Produced by: Rajat Chaudhari

Cast: Anang Desai, Manoj Joshi, Jaanushi Oza

Written by: Mihir Bhuta

Editor: Rajat Chaudhari

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