Genre: Action

Release Date: 05th January, 2018


Jay, Jhanvi, and Yogesh come to the aid of Sarita Ben, an old lady who owns a heritage property – a lodge, when an MNC wants to buy her property, leaving several people homeless. The MNC joins hands with a local goon to evacuate the place but the three youngsters fight against these powerful people. Will they be successful in their mission and save the lodge from being sold off?


Directed by: Tapan Vyas

Produced by: Bhavik Patel, Jitendra Pandya

Cast: Malhar Thakar, Esha Kansara, Revanta Sarabhai

Written by: Pravin Pandya

Music: Meghdhanush

Director of Photography: Tapan Vyas

Editor: Nirav Panchal

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