Genre: Romance | Comedy

Release Date: 23rd August, 2019


Montu has loved Bittu since childhood, but even when Bittu’s marriage is on the cards, they are still just friends. But that’s not the only problem, as a prospective suitor, Abhinav, makes things even more complicated for Montu and Bittu. The story takes us through their journey of emotions.


Directed by: Vijaygiri Bava

Produced by: Twinkle Vijaygiri

Cast: Maulik Nayak, Aarohi Patel & Mehul Solanki

Written by: Raam Mori & Prarthi Dholakia

Music: Mehul Surti

Director of Photography: Subrat Khatoi

Editor: Prateek Gupta

Sound Designer: Yash Darji

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