Genre: Family Drama

Release Date: 27th August, 1999


Life is tough for Leena as she is the only earning member of a middle-class household wherein the mother is a housewife, father is handicapped and her sister, Surekha, suffers from Schizophrenia. All her dreams get crushed as she loses herself in the daily grind to make ends meet. She loves dancing and that’s where she meets and falls in love with Anupam. But like all others, this dream of hers also gets crushed as she finds out that Anupam is in love with Surekha. What follows is an epic tale of unconditional love and sacrifice between two sisters.


Directed by: Saandeep Patel

Produced by: Aarti Patel

Production House: Akshar Communications

Cast: Hiten Kumar, Roma Manek and Aarti Patel

Written by: Varsha Adalja

Music: Dipesh Desai

Editor: Srinivas Patro

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