Genre: Sci-Fi

Release Date: 11th January, 2019


Samay is an average IT guy. His mother always nags him to marry soon. Samay falls in love with Seema, who is a news anchor at Zee TV. She is interviewing a scientist, Dr. Parthsarthi, who is doing some experiments on creating a portable wormhole inside his lab. During the interview, Parthsarthi gets angry and threatens to kill Seema if she gets in his way. Samay is planing to propose Seema. But, while coming out of the building, a masked man shoots Seema and she dies on the spot. That night, Samay gets drunk with his friend and both of them see Aurora Borealis in the sky. It’s a strange event because Aurora never happens in India. Samay goes to bed and sleeps. From the next day, he starts to live the same day again and again. How he saves Seema and how he uncovers the mystery behind the time loop is what follows.


Directed by: Faisal Hashmi

Produced by: Esha Dhvanit Thaker

Cast: Dhvanit Thaker, Kinjal Rajpriya & Smit Pandya

Written by: Faisal Hashmi, Mohsin Chavada & Bhargav Purohit

Music: Mehul Surti

Director of Photography: Jeremy Reagan

Editor: Prabaahar

Sound Designer: Udit Duseja

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