Genre: Action

Release Date: 4th October, 2018


Karan is an honest and valiant cop on a mission to fight against criminals, and to reduce the crime rate in the city. The film is about his mentor Vikram Rana, who is a police suspect and also the kingpin of the city’s crime cartel, about which Karan is not aware. Karan investigates a series of odd occurrences in the city, including the murder of Jaydev Rana (Vikram Rana’s son). The deeper he digs into the clues, the more complex it gets. Everyone he trusts seems to be involved and the investigation yields no results. In his quest for the truth, he is joined by press reporter Aditi and sub-inspector Jahangir Khan.


Directed by: Sachin Desai & Kamal Patel

Produced by: Kamal Patel

Cast: Freddy Daruwala & Heena Achhra

Story written by: Kamal Patel

Music: Rajiv Bhatt

Director of Photography: Sachin Desai

Editor: Sachin Desai

Sound Designer: Nirukt Dave

Art Director: Jay Shihora

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