Genre: Romance

Release Date: 13th September, 2019


Teacher of the Year is A Tale told with utmost compassion and Passion trying to bring back the Ideal , Applied, Practical approach to Life which is instilled in ones’ Formative School days, will be a Journey to the Glorious Chapters of one’s Past , Connecting the dots to the Future. Teacher of the year is the story based on the current education system. The movie highlight the relationship between student and teach.


Directed by: Vikram Panchal & Shounak Vyas

Produced by: Parth Tank

Cast: Shounak Vyas & Alisha Prajapati

Written by: Vikram Panchal & Shounak Vyas

Music: Prathmesh Bhatt

Director of Photography: Tapan Vyas

Editor: Nirav Panchal

Art Director: Jay Shihora

Makeup & Hair Design: Hetul Tapodhan

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