Genre: Comedy

Release Date: 18th May, 2018


Fortunately or unfortunately Dhyanchand, Harinanrayan and Lakhudas are cursed by one of their ancestors that the coming six generations will have to marry two times and if they don’t, they will take birth as monkeys in their next lives. At present these three men’s wives have left them and they share their common misery of loneliness and frustrated un-married life. Each of them desperately want to get married again but the question is who should marry first? which hence causes various internal conflicts amongst them.


Directed by: Chinmay Parmar

Produced by: Rahul Dogra, Aayush Mehta, Kunal Nagrani & Vaishal Shah

Production House: Belvediere Films

Cast: Rahul Raval & Esha Kansara

Written by: Krishnadev Yagnik

Music: Kedar-Bhargav

Director of Photography: Bibhu Das

Editor: Nirav Panchal

Sound Designer: Subash Sahoo

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